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Starting with Fun2Funds

–8:29pm uptown 4 train–
Just had my first meeting with Leigh and Alisa, founders of Fun2Funds. Leigh and I met randomly at a birthday party (for Noah, who neither if us had met before his party). When I heard about her organization’s purpose of connecting nonprofits with young business professionals for the purpose of fund raising through fun events I was extremely intrigued. And when she found out I worked in PR she jotted down my contact info.

From the time they pulled out the printed deck outlining the purpose and strategy I knew that this was a team I wanted to work with. So it looks like I am going to head up the PR team. The event will be the end of June for Housing Works. And will be a date auction. The hope is to connect Housing Works with a demographic they currently want but don’t have connections to, young business professionals. Housing Works hopes to raise awareness of their organization among this group as well build relationships for future volunteers and donors.

The event will be a date auction. We brainstormed names and have tentatively decided on NewYorkDateExchange, NYDE.

Korean bakery where we met up


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