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Sunday and spring

Thompson Sqaure Park, NYC East Village

–8:37am Downtown 5 Train–
Sunday was amazing. Spring is finally here. Darren and I had brunch in the East Village and then went walking for the remainder of the afternoon. We met up with a good friend and his Italian Grey Hound. Watching dogs at the Dog parks are becoming one of my favorite things to do. It baffles me how well dogs get along in a big city. It’s especially interesting to watch how the owners interact with their dogs and one another. One of things I appreciate most about Darren is how much he values getting out on the weekend just to roam the streets and parks of the city. And being That it was warm we held hands a lot. Something I have missed a lot since we first started dating back in the fall of last year. He hates having cold hands, which means hands deeply tucked in pockets all winter.

With spring finally here there are Tulips, Daffodils and Cherry blossoms everywhere. Now I understand why all the homes and yards featured in BetterHomes&Gardens are on the east coast.


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