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The starting of OutwardView

–9:58pm in line at Wholefoods–
Back when I was home in Tulare, Ca. with the family for Christmas I met up with Joseph Ramos, a friend from high school. We swapped stories of what it was like to be closeted and in high school, expressing how we wish we had known about the other as it would have helped much of the anguish we were experiencing. We then had a long talk about how we had grown up only seeing the negative and over stereotypical personifications of gays. the rainbow waving, thong touting, hand flicking, tongue piercing boys that we were terrified we would eventually become if we accepted our sexuality.

–8:50am Downtown 4 Train–
It was then that we started to discuss how basic equalities such as gay marriage would never be supported in communities like our hometown unless these good people were able to see first hand the healthy, productive and normal citizens that most gays are. Both Joseph and I had escaped our conservative farming community to larger cities. But we realized that it was our hometown of Tulare California that needed to witness our healthy and moral lives.

Being in online PR I naturally brought up the idea of starting a blog. One that would host the profiles and stories of guys like us. Making them accessible to the many students now in high school, who’s only window to the outside world and hope of a better life was their computers.

–8:41pm Uptown 6 Train–
we then talked about how guys (and girls) like us need a channel to communicate back to the community that raised us. A way that they could see first hand the good adults we had matured into and that we were not ashamed of our sexuality. It would be our goal that next time an amendment like prop 8 was up for vote many more Californians would realize that they are voting again at their very own children, siblings, grandchildren, cousins, and freinds. Gays are not the crazy people they see in movies and on the news, we are them.

Borrowing a pen from the waiter I started outlining are thoughts, we wrote a mission statement and began brainstorming domain names… we originally were thinking StandOut.com but being that it wasn’t available we are now thinking, OutwardView.com. I think it adequately describes our mission. Giving the next generation stuck in our hometowns a view of the outside world, as well as the older generation who need an opportunity to see beyond their illogical fears and biases.


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