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Vintage Schwinn Bike

April 12, 2009

I had planned on bringing my 1970’s English racing bike out to NYC with me but the logistics of traveling with it became to overwhelming. So for the past few weeks I have been browsing craigslist. Today I met a guy from Jersey in the East Village to take a look at a 1980’s Schwinn. […]


April 9, 2009

–8:18pm Downtown F Train– This is totally gross but being that I blog on the subway this is to dramatic to pass up… Someone went number two on the subway… No wonder there were available seat. PS I was to embarssed to me seen taking a pic of poop… Darren was the unclasy one that […]

Starting with Fun2Funds

April 6, 2009

–8:29pm uptown 4 train– Just had my first meeting with Leigh and Alisa, founders of Fun2Funds. Leigh and I met randomly at a birthday party (for Noah, who neither if us had met before his party). When I heard about her organization’s purpose of connecting nonprofits with young business professionals for the purpose of fund […]

Sunday and spring

April 6, 2009

–8:37am Downtown 5 Train– Sunday was amazing. Spring is finally here. Darren and I had brunch in the East Village and then went walking for the remainder of the afternoon. We met up with a good friend and his Italian Grey Hound. Watching dogs at the Dog parks are becoming one of my favorite things […]

Weekend adventures

April 4, 2009

–Cab from Upper E Side to East Village– On my way to a woman’s self defense class (Stilettos and Self Defense) to hand out product for Tiger Balm. This stuff is amazing! This a prime example of using an online campaign that reached people in thier offline lives. Things that equal instant friendships: (all things […]

Meeting with NYC community liaisons

April 3, 2009

–8:42am Downtown 4 train– I have my second meeting this afternoon with a few of the NYC Council Community liaisons. We will be discussing ways the city can utilize web 2.0. Being that NYC has more digital savvy citizens than any other US city, there is so much potential for it to help lead the […]

Blogging from the subway

April 3, 2009

I have had a blog for years and yet failed to keep it updated… So here’s the new plan. Everyday I spend close to an hour beneath the streets of NYC. so now that I have an iPhone this is how I will blog. This will also help me condense my thoughts down to their […]